Block Paved Driveways

The Benefits of Block Paving

If you’re looking to install a new driveway or replace the dated one, there are several paving options available. However, using block paving has advantages over other methods. Block pavers are made from various materials, including clay, concrete, recycled plastic, etc. They are available in different shapes, sizes, textures, colours and patterns.

Here are some of the benefits of using block paving over other materials:

1. Low Maintenance

• Paver blocks don’t need polishing on the top surface and will not need to be repainted in the future.
• Pavers are not prone to cracking hence will not need frequent maintenance as compared to asphalt pavement and concrete.
• A simple wash with soap, water and brush will keep you paving block driveway looking fresh and bright for years to come.
• They do not fade or get affected by the UK weather hence will be looking pristine for a long time.

2. Durable and Hard-wearing

• When properly installed, these interlocking paving blocks do not crack since all expansions and contractions forces are disseminated in the joint between the blocks.
• Since paving blocks are made from concrete and clay, a block paving driveway is very durable and will last reliably for up to 20 years. Any defective block can be easily replaced without much hassle.
• Block paving driveways are suitable for both commercial and residential use for long-lasting applications.
• Block pavers can withstand any vehicular and pedestrian traffic with low maintenance.
• Block paving driveways are very suitable for all traffic – low, medium, and heavy.
• Since block pavers can withstand high pressures without yielding, they are suitable for use in airports and docks.

3. Highly versatile

• Block pavings are available in a variety of shapes such as I, Rectangular, Hexa, Square, Trihex, Cobble and zigzag. They can, therefore, be installed to different unique designs for optimum visual effects.
• They come in different colours and textures to match any design needs, style and curb appeal considerations.
• There are manufactures to interlock with each other seamlessly without the need for adhesives. They can be interlocked to form unique patterns according to your style and taste.
• Due to their variety in colour, design, and thickness of block pavers, they are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications such as:

– Patios
– Driveways
– Parking areas
– Pool Decks

4. SUDs Compliant and More Environment-friendly

• Paver blocks are more environment-friendly as compared to plain solid surfaces. Since they have interlocking joints, paver blocks allow water and chemical-ridden runoffs to sip percolate into the ground, and get purified. This is unlike the hard-plain surfaces such as concrete that lead to massive surface runoffs that may lead to flooding and pollution.

• Due to their ability to soak in water into the ground, block paving driveways are SUDs compliant hence you’ll be able to construct your driveway without the need for lengthy compliance approval procedures.

• They prevent rainwater from flooding and prevent the formation of pesky water puddles hence removing the need for expensive drainage systems.

• Paver blocks can be designed as interlocking permeable pavers to accommodate vegetation such as grass to be planted in each grid. These pavers have extensive capabilities to re-use stormwater back into the ground, instead of channelling the water to the streets.

5. Slip and Skid Resistant

• Block paving driveways are safe to use even when oily. The network of interlocking joints serves to prevent skidding and slipping.
• Even when wet or in monsoon season, the top surface of interlocking block paving has superior anti-slipping properties.

6. Easy to Install and Quick to replace

• Block paving can be easily installed without the need for heavy machinery or equipment. With minimum training, a standard can be installed in as little as 3-4 days.
• They have an integrated interlocking system hence doesn’t require the use of mortar.
• When one paver block is damaged or stained, they can be easily replaced without the need for heavy machinery and skilled labour.

Get Your Dream Block Paving Driveway Today

Paver blocks are a long-lasting driveway and patio paving solution and are suitable for both commercial and domestic applications. We have a variety of block paving colours, shapes and designs that can be installed according to your style and preference. If you can imagine it, we can design it and install it!

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Hints To Better Garage Door Maintenance

Are automatic garage doors safe? Properly installed garage doors are safe until tampered with. Once more, homeowners are learning to be all around handymen, if only to cut costs. You should remember, however, that a garage door is the largest, heaviest home appliance, and you should take caution.

Countless accidents have been reported involving springs, children with remote controls, and old garage doors. Two directives make up the majority of garage door maintenance lore. Do not fiddle with the springs, and do not delay any needed repairs. Further your knowledge on garage doors at the double garage door.

There are two classes of door springs. With the extension spring, it elongates with the door closing to cushion the blow and narrows to alleviate the burden of opening a door. The way torsion springs; on the other hand, prop up the substantial weight of the door is by being coiled together.

Fiddling with either type can be quite treacherous. Higher risk is involved when homeowners try to install torsion springs themselves, because they should be competent in using a special tool to put it in. It would be such a hassle to attempt to increase tension on the springs using a substitute tool, not to mention the futility of the attempt.

Any attempt to modify the spring brackets on the garage frame, which are also under pressure, can be harmful. The second rule says that homeowners should not wait to have damages mended. Instead of performing repairs by yourself, you should call in a professional. Further information on garage doors can be found at roller doors.

When doors are mounted inadequately, risks increase for everyone in the household, not to mention pricey repairs. The stretch of time from impact to bounce back is a good measurement of the adequacy of installment. The door should reverse within two seconds after contact.

Delays in reversal are commonly attributed to worn tracks or broken springs. Bowed, loose tracks are a problem, as are sticky wheels. Grease on the bearings solves wheel problems.

Regular oiling is required for rollers, springs, hardware pivot points, and openers. While a regular paint job protects the door, it does nothing and may even hurt the hardware’s performance. Paint restricts the movement of hardware.

Adults need to make sure that triggering devices for automatic door openers are put somewhere children cannot access them. Children should not be able to reach any garage door buttons. Your door will thank you for added time and your family can stay out of harm’s way if you heed this advice.